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These handy sheaths form a protective water resistant insulation over exposed wiring and electrical connections. Designed for automotive use. Contents: 2 x 45mm x 15pc (white), x 15pc (black) | 3.5 x 45mm x 15pc (green), x 15pc (black) | 5 x 45mm x 15pc (red), x 15pc (black) | 7 x 45mm x 15pc (blue), x 15pc (black) | 8 x 45mm x 15pc (yellow), x 15pc (black) | 9 x 45mm x 15pc (green), x 15pc (black).

Additional Information

  • 180 piece
  • Forms a protective water resistant insulation
  • Designed for automotive use
  • Includes 6 sizes colour coded also repeated in black
  • Supplied in a plastic organiser

Whether maintaining existing wiring, or fitting a new set of fog light to your classic car, these two kits from Gunson supply the essentials for a complete and tidy electrical wiring installation. The Electrical Connector Kit (part number 77070) includes over 300 items such as insulated terminals, heat shrink tubing, spade connectors, ring connectors, cable ties and fixing rings. A must-have kit for anyone working on classic or modern vehicles.

The Heat Shrink Tubing kit (part number 77041) offers a comprehensive selection of pre-cut heat shrink sheaths in both black and coloured varieties. At 45mm in length, they are the ideal size for covering and insulating the connection when joining two wires together. Fifteen pieces of each, in tube sizes of 2mm white and black; 3.5mm green and black; 5mm red and black; 7mm blue and black; 8mm yellow and black and 9mm in both green and black.

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