LASER 1336 heavy duty wire stripper / crimper self adjusting

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Heavy duty wire stripper / Crimper - self adjusting

Self adjusting professional quality wire stripper designed for heavy use, ideal for home wiring, electronics and and automotive use with a selfadjusting stripper for consistent wire length. New design strips, crimps and cuts.

  • Simply insert wire into jaws to required length, squeeze handles together. This will grip the outer cable and cut to required length.
  • Strips wire easily.
  • Crimps inside handle.
  • Cuts wire.
  • Home or automotive use.


  • steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance
  • adjust to strip wire to any length
  • strips and cuts 10-26 AWG
  • breaks and pulls off casing without cutting the wire
  • crimps insulated and non insulated terminals 10-22 AWG
  • crimps 7-8 mm ignition terminals
  • ergonomic two piece handle


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