Ballistol Montagespray (Special lubrication for installations) 200 ml

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Gear wheels, chains, ball and roller bearings, track wheels, sliding surfaces and sliding rails are all conserved through the high lubricating effect of Montagespray, and neither rust nor stick even at the highest of temperatures. Connections can be loosened even after extreme thermal stress. Montagespray provides sustained protection against corrosion, sealing, wear and seizing. It facilitates smoother connections for threads and clearances. Montagespray prevents contact corrosion in differing metals, guarantees an application fi eld from -50°C to +1,000°C and is highly pressure resistant. It protects all metals against corrosion causing substances: steam, fresh and salt water, alkalis and many chemical vapours. It is harmless in terms of working substances classifi cation. Montagespray does not react with most gases, e.g. natural gas, butane, propane, noble gases, fl uorinated hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. It is only with compressed oxygen that use isn‘t possible.


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