Fertan PREWAX Pre treatment wax spray 500ML

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PREWAX is a specially developed pre-treatment wax for auto bodies.  It is applied in order to protect metal seams that have previously been treated using FERTAN Rust Converter.  PREWAX leaves a fine, extremely stable wax layer that penetrates into crevices. An addtionaly final coat of Underbody Protection Wax UBS 220 should be applied to underbodies, and cavities, sills, etc. should receive a final coating of HT Cavity Protection Wax.  

PREWAX's penetrating power insures that even overlapping sheets of metal and compounds are well protected at their welds and seams.  The product can also be sprayed on to metal as a final protective coating, leaving behind a very thin but stable film.  Residues are easily removed with mineral spirits.  

APPLICATION: Spray directly onto folds or metal overlaps from a short distance.  For cavities, sills, etc. use the included 4mm applicator probe to spray directly into the cavity, allowing for slow and complete penetration.  Penetration should be clearly visible at welds and overlaps.  Because of the viscosity of the product, some run-off should be expected.  Cover the floor during application and clean off residue as soon as possible with mineral spirits.

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