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Hodt MULTI FILM - PRIMER & topcoat - solvent-free



Term of protection:

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With a brush, roller , dipping or spraying a dry film thickness of at least 100 microns should be achieved . Hodt MULTIFILM can , if necessary , be diluted with water . After dilution but have several layers are applied to achieve the desired thickness . It is dust-dry after about 2 hours and 24 hours to recoat depending on temperature and humidity .

Type of material

Hodt MULTIFILM is an aqueous « hybrid » system that includes both a physically dry , aqueous dispersion and a water-soluble , oxidatively curable binder system

Transparent ( clear )

Application areas

Protection of metallic surfaces as a primer and topcoat as additional protection of painted surfaces against environmental influences and mechanical damage clear corrosion protection for obtaining a patina


Canister à 1 ltr

Canister à 5 ltr

Bucket à 20 ltr

Product Information

Constantly meet in search of innovations to our customers' needs as far as corrosion control , we present our newcomer . On the recurring question of a paintable rust protection we have now found the answer :

HODT MULTI FILM, the newest product in the antirust series of Hodt , is a true MULTI TASKER . Not only that, it can be used as rust , it can even be painted as a primer with most common paints . Thus it is an indispensable aid in every workshop .

But also in other areas such as the industry or the machine can Hodt MULTIFILM points . Whether steel, galvanized steel , aluminum , plastic or plaster to existing coatings , Hodt MULTIFILM suitable for many substrates .

The transparent antirust is even used for the preservation and protection of original patina . The secret of this environmentally friendly all-rounder is its novel aqueous " hybrid " system . These features result in a hard , wear-resistant , elastic coating with excellent resistance to corrosion .

In the user-friendliness Hodt MULTIFILM takes under the rustproofing products a leading position : it does not contain solvents , does not have to be heated and can even be diluted with water .

Substrate processing

HODT MULTI FILM apply only on fat-free , cleaned surfaces . It can be painted on tight rust . The detailed procedure can be found in our technical data sheet .

Technical characteristics

Viscosity (mPa.s measured with Brookfield at 20 °C): 80

Flash point ( in liquid form ) : not applicable

Solids content ( wt.%) : 34-36

Insulation resistance ( in Ω ) : 5 x 10¹¹

Temperature range (° C ) : -40 - +120 ( +150 ° - current)

Tack ( u at 20 ° C 25 microns thickness . ) : 2 hours

Curing time (at 20 ° C in hours ): 24

Solvent resistance: good

Moisture resistance: good

Thinner: Water

Color: Clear


Protect from frost.

At temperatures up to 25 ° C , the original packaged goods is at least one year shelf life .

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