LASER 5158 Exhaust Hanger Removal Tool

Référence: 5158

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A tool specifically designed to remove the exhaust hanger with ease.

Additional Information

  • Fits a wide range of vehicles including Volkswagen | Audi | Mercedes-Benz | Saab | Mitsubishi | Nissan | Honda | Ford | Land Rover | Mazda | Toyota | Vauxhall/Opel.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • Extra long soft grip handles to avoid hot exhausts.
  • Adjustable pin angle.
  • Selected steel.

Remove exhaust components quickly and easily with this very handy tool (Laser part no: 5158), which enables fast, one-handed removal of exhaust brackets from rubber hangers. No more struggling with screwdrivers and skinned knuckles! A quick twist and it’s off.

The long handles will help to avoid hot exhausts and are foam-dipped to let you grip stiff rubber hangers. The adjustable pin angle helps when access is difficult and makes this tool suitable for a wide range of cars and light commercial vehicles.

The body is constructed of a strong riveted design made from selected steel.

You will wonder how you did without it.

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