Wheel Trolley Extended XL / Chariot à pneus soulevé

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The Wheel Trolley® Extended XL is a further development of the regular Wheel Trolley. In this way, we have raised the trolley plate via the 4 galvanized legs. The extra height provides the optimal working height for lifting, and thus an ergonomic optimization of several work situations.

The Wheel Trolley® Extended XL is an indispensable tool in the workshop, removing the need for a lot of unnecessary lifting.

The Wheel Trolley® Extended XL has the following uses and advantages:

  • Used for mounting and dismounting of wheels
  • Ingenious storage of wheels during mechanical work
  • Used for several different operations in the workshop
  • Saves unnecessary lifting and improves working posture

The Wheel Trolley® Extended XL is best used with 2 wheels at a time to maintain the optimum working height. 

The Extended version is delivered unassembled in a box with detailed assembly instructions.



  • No more loose wheels on the floor during mechanical work
  • All lifting can be performed without straining the knees, back and shoulders
  • Load capacity up to 250 kg
  • Height: 580 mm/ 22.8 inch
  • Ø 800 mm/ 31.4 inch



To avoid having loose wheels on the floor during mechanical work and to save unnecessary lifting, the Wheel Trolley® Extended can be used next to the lift when the wheels are dismounted. 

One Wheel Trolley® Extended should be used for either side of the car.

While the mechanical work is being carried out, each Wheel Trolley® Extended with wheels on may be pushed to the side so as not to be in the way.

extended-lift-3   extended-lift-4


If the dismounted tires are to be handled in a tire-changing machine, the wheels can easily be rolled from the Wheel Trolley® Extended onto the tire-changing machine. 

Thanks to the height of the Wheel Trolley® Extended, there is no need to lift the wheel, and the whole working posture is ergonomically optimized.

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