Wheel Trolley XL / Chariot à pneus

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Large wheels also need a Wheel Trolley® — or rather, it is the mechanic and the tire technician that need a Wheel Trolley® for the large wheels!

In any case, we have created the Wheel Trolley® XL by allowing the regular Wheel Trolley® to increase in diameter to accommodate the transport of large wheels.

The Wheel Trolley® XL is therefore suitable for the transport of 4x4 wheels, van wheels and other large wheels, and is completely indispensable in handling and transporting large and extra-heavy tires around the workshop.

The large trolley has the same qualities as its baby brother:

  • Storage of wheels during mechanical work
  • Transport of wheels from auto lift to tire changers or to tire shelves
  • Storage of customer wheels

The Wheel Trolley® XL is available with and without wheel brakes on 2 wheels. 
The XL model is delivered for workshop use in both 1 piece (one-by-one) and 3 piece boxes (three pack).



  • Measures 800 mm/ 31.4 inches in diameter
  • For 4 complete wheels
  • Max load is 250 kg/ 552 lbs
  • Available with and without wheel brakes 



The Wheel Trolley® XL facilitates the workflow associated with wheel dismounting when mechanical work is to be performed. 

The trolley is placed next to the car, and the wheels are placed on top of each other on the trolley, just as easily as they are dismounted.

The trolley and wheels can be taken around the car until the last wheel is dismounted.

Finally, the wheels can be rolled away so that they are not in the way while mechanical work is performed.

The ease of transport of the wheels means an ergonomically easier workflow.



On the Wheel Trolley®, the dismounted wheels can easily and effortlessly be rolled to a tire changer.

In order to move the wheels to a good ergonomic height, a Wheel Trolley® lift, which can elevate the trolley and wheels, can be used. See the progress in the images in the slideshow. 

Just as easily as rolling a wheel onto a bead braker for handling, for example, the trolley with wheels on can be raised up to the appropriate height.

In this way, the Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift becomes a helping hand, relieving shoulders and backs of heavy lifting.

From the bead braker, wheels can be transported onto tire changers, tire inflators and tire-balancing machines. Everything is at an ergonomic working height.

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