BALLISTOL PTFE Teflon-Spray (solid lubricant) 200 ml

BALLISTOL PTFE Teflon-Spray (solid lubricant) 200 ml

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BALLISTOL Teflon®-Spray (solid lubricant)


Constant and long-lasting lubrication and gliding activity without content of oil or fat. Therefore no dirt or dust adheres to the surface treated with BALLISTOL Teflon®-Spray and no objectionable lubricant residues accrue.

BALLISTOL Teflon®-Spray helps: The sub-micro sized PTFE-parts yet adhere at supposedly very even surfaces and give the material effective gliding activity. Successfully approved with all gliding surfaces as well as for drastic reduction of adhesion and friction.

Is your PTFE-layer sufficient? The adhesion of Teflon® is just as intense as the friction, therefore the change from stoppage to movement happens without hitch.

Typical fields of application are gauges, sliding guides , cable winches, telescopic guide such as car antennas, gearings, gearwheels and bearings made of all kinds of synthetic material. Already existing non-stick coating like at secateurs and loppers can be renewed.

The PTFE additive is known worldwide as "Teflon®". It is a registered trademark of the US DuPont company and prohibited to be used without authorization.


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