BALLISTOL ProTec Spray 200ml - Premium-protection against rust

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BALLISTOL ProTec Spray 200ml - Premium-protection against rust

Industry and Trade: for lubrification when thread-cutting, care, maintenance and protection of machinery and equipment, precision tools and gauges, moulds and dies. Ideally suited for the temporary storage of semi-finished and finished products made of steel and iron whether stored inside or outside.

Vehicles: for squeaking and creaking hinges and bushings, jamming car boot locks. To prevent door locks from freezing, to loosen screw connections and joints which jammed tight. Protects against rust for a long time. BALLISTOL Protec displaces moisture from battery terminals, ignition distributors, cables, starters, light systems and electronics. Prevents leakage currents and keeps battery terminals clean.

Shipping: As protection and maintenance of hoist gear, movable parts, bare metal, shafts, screw connections and lifting equipment, even for saline air and spray water. Ideally suited for the storage of the entire ship during winter.

Agriculture: BALLISTOL Protec maintains, preserves and keeps all movable parts running smoothly. Whether tractors, hangers, harvesters or linkage assemblies: everything stays clean, rust protected and smooth running. Also ideally suited for long term preservation.

Home and garden: maintains, protects and keeps anything in perfect condition which might squeak, creak or jam. Door locks, hinges, sewing machines, bicycles and motorcycles, gardening equipment, hose reels, lawn mowers etc.

Fishing gear: Protects against rust even under extreme weather conditions for a long time. For lines, as maintenance and servicing telescopic extensions and rolls.


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